Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pulling My Hair Out.

So as you can see I haven't posted in a week. I've been crazy busy and going every night with just a few short hours of sleep. I have one day left of clincials, then finals the next day...Hell...Yeah.

Let me tell you...clincals is a pain in the ass. Working without pay and two smoke breaks? Oh hell no. But I am happy that I'll be able to became state tested and actually have a GOOD job. Which comes to the topic of moving. I would have to move to the city for a really kick ass job, which sounds wonderful, if I didn't easily get home sick. Yes, I'm twenty years old and I still miss my mommy. But the city is only an hour away, so it's not that bad. I need to think about it.

Though CNA classes have been stressful I can say that I have made the most wonderful friends one could ask for. I'm so happy that I have them in my life now, they are all one of a kind. *smiles*

Well, it is the weekend, and even though I have work tomorrow I'm probably still going to have fun. Lex is in the city for the weekend, so it looks like it's just me and Boopers tonight.

I'm so looking forward to Thursday. The first day I can sleep in, in three weeks...and pay day. Ha, worked out perfect.

Well this was just a quicky, just to let yall know I wasn't dead. I'll post soon, I have some crazy stories to tell.

Much love,

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