Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From The Dead.

Don't worry kids, I'm still alive. I know I haven't posted since easter but life has been pretty crazy.

Let me sum it up. Move into my own place, by the fourth night someone broke into my home. I said fuck that and moved back with my parents. I got another job as a waitress at the county club. Love it. I still work at the office so I'm pretty busy. Just found out my sister is finally moving back home...to the city. I'm excited as all hell. I've been busy helping with getting the house in shape for my parents anniversary party at the end of the month. I became single, then "complicated", to taken, to single...now just confused. I've still yet to go for my damn CNA testing..hopefully soon. My best friend is pregnant, and getting married. I'm excited for that as well!! All in all I'm going crazy. But I'll keep yall posted.

One month, Six days until 21st Birthday.

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