Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!
I did the whole go to church thing, and then dinner at Grandma's house. It was lovely. Though every holiday is pretty hard without my older sister around. She's been living in another state for about eight months now, but good news is, there is a GOOD chance she is moving back to Pennsylvania this summer. Hurrah!

Sorry guys, I've been hella busy, not much time to blog. As foir a little update I currently moving into my new apartment (house) with a few of my close friends. I can't wait! Also I just found out some good news...I can have my old job back. Which will bring in extra cash for shit around the house. Wee!

But, I guess I should get back to packing. I'll post in entry when I'm all settled in.

I hate the fact that I feel guilty for leaving him. I hate the WAY he makes me feel guilty for leaving him. Sometimes it's worse to be the dumpee than the one dumped. But if could only understand that I'm still searching for myself, and I don't want to be held back from things I want to do.

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