Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What The F*^%?

It's the month of April. It's fucking snowing. Mother fucker I'm so sick of being COLD. I just want some sunshine. I had to fake bake today, just to get some UV rays. Gah.
Well like is pretty crazy right now. I had my last day working at the hospital, (thank god) now I'm just debating on whether I should apply for a nurse aide job, or take my old job back in respite care. I think to think this one out.

On a personal note, I'm taking steps into my future. Along the way I'm hitting some bumps that hit pretty hard. But I keep picking my head up and continue walking. I know there are those of you who I'm going to let down, but in the end...for the first time, I have to do something for myself. To better MYSELF. That's the thing with growing up. You realize everything isn't always going to be fine and dandy, you have to do things that will hurt but will end up more positive for you down the road. I feel just a little stronger. I think I'm another step closer to being the woman I want to be.

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