Monday, June 1, 2009

30 Going On 13.

I live in a small town. Everyone knows everyone elses business. Half the time they know more about you than YOU do. In this small town the people here feed upon drama. They love to hear gossip, and they LOVE to hear when someone is doing bad.. The worst part is...these are not people in there late teens, early twenties, these people are nearly thirty years old. Now remember, I myself am only twenty (twenty one in two weeks.) therefore they all have some years on me. But the sad part is, I've come to realize that my maturity level is much higher than theirs. You have person a.) A girl I was good friends with until I found out she was talking about me behind my back, what a good friend she was. Though our friendship didn't last, she continued a friendship with my older sister. Until one day she decided to get shitfaced and tell the whole town a bunch of lies about my sister...for no good reason. Oh well...fuck her. person b.) Mr. Alcoholic/Useless used to be good friends with person a.) which is who she ran her mouth off to, knowing he's a big mouth, knowing eventually it would come back to me. So person b.) tells person c.) Oh dear, this is a good one. This person is a complete psycho, who does not understand the meaning of a one night stand. Person c.) hooks up with person d.) who has no interest in her, but was drunk...she goes completely psycho when she finds out I was dating person d.) ...she is still crazy and still stalking him... but anyway person c.) makes up a bunch of bull shit lies about me to get person d.) to hate me..which would never happen because I'm putting out and he's my best friend... so now everyone hates person d.) which is my fault? Hmm... This is really odd because I have not spoken to any of these because besides d.) in months...but someone I come out of nowhere and start problems without saying a word? I hate this town.

So, did I confuse the fuck out of you?

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